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So! It's really quiet around here, and I'm sorry about that. I keep meaning to make stuff and post it here, but things happen.
Like losing all 2000+ of my RK saved pictures. ::sigh:: But to the fics! Neither of these two recommendations are really "mainstream" Ao/Sou fics...whatever that means. Ahaha. ::hem:: One is actually Soujirou/Misao (which this comunity also supports, yepyep), and the other is not strictly romantic. But anyway.

First, here's one of those nifty alternate pairing types that I said were also welcome here. :) Because Soujirou/Misao fascinates me doesn't have a home of its own. ;)

When Dreams Come True is by ffn user "naiLAUG" and is a Soujirou/Misao fic.
I have to admit that I haven't actually read it yet, but when I do (which is probably tonight), I'll post my thoughts about it. ::shifty eyes::

The second recommendation I got from a good friend of mine, actually, and from what I have read, it's hilarious.
This is not -romantic- per se, but in the latest chapter there is some very amusing Aoshi/Soujirou interaction.
The link is to that chapter, for people uninterested in the rest of the fic. Otherwise, just click the link and go back to chapter one!

Juunishi is by ffn user "a.k.a. Arashi"

It's not strictly RK fandom; it's actually a crossover with Fruits Basket, which I have neither seen nor read. Basic plot is:
The Infamous RK x FB crossover continues! The men of Rurouni Kenshin are cursed by vengeful animal spirits causing all sorts of trouble for their love lives! 12 Animals, 12 guys, 12 times the fun! No, really. It's 12 times the fun. I did the math!
So certain characters from the RK fandom get the curses of the Zodiac (whenever a cursed person is hugged by someone of the opposite sex that isn't family, they turn into a certain animal from the Chinese Zodiac) that the family in Fruits Basket has. The Zodiac-character matches are very amusing, and seem appropriate. Soujirou and Aoshi's are quite amusing, yepyep!

So. I can't make any promises, but I am re-collecting pictures.... I won't have anywhere close to what I did, but I'll try to make icons/banners/graphics for y'all. ^___^

Date: 2005-03-20 10:46 am (UTC)
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Thanks for the recomendations. ^^ So the second fic is still easy to understand without seeing FB, ne?


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