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There is more.

Hirazuki, Chapter Two:

The club was just how he had imagined Misao's type of outing to be. Despite the dark insides it was covered in posters of celebrities, or rather unknowns that just looked glamorous. The dance floor was the spotlight, surrounded by couches and there was a bar off to the side. Which made him wonder if they carded the majorly underage crowd.

Aoshi scanned the noisy room for the people who were supposed to meet him there. He felt a little out of place, dressed in the khaki pants and eggplant jacket. However he soon spotted a brown haired college student wearing the same colored jacket, and tipped his head in recognition. Hannya, and at his side, more like attached to his side, was Misao. She was dressed to impress in a tiny little army green skirt and black halter with a cut off bright green jacket pulled over. Clothes that would make her mother certainly not trust anyone, much less her boyfriend Hannya.

A few seconds later he spotted Kamatari. And somewhat wished he hadn't. It was surprising that with the amount of grinding that was going on that nobody realized that Kamatari was male. Then again, judging from the rampant popularity of the bar... Aoshi shook his head, and slowly skirted the dance floor to move to said bar. On his way over he encountered, or bumped into, rather a thin girl. She reeled away from him, grabbing onto the sturdy shoulder of a nearby dancer to right herself. Blue eyes widened a bit.

"Gomen ne, Shinomori-san," He could barely hear her over the dance music, and just nodded, continuing on his way. It wasn't odd for people to know him by name. It was on the back of his jacket, for one, and the Sobakasu University and High School were both very small.

The bar was slightly quieter than the dancefloor, something he was thankful for. With a muted sigh Aoshi sank down onto a barstool, mentally wincing at the squeak before getting a beer. As he suspected they didn't even attempt to card. He was halfway through his drink when the girl from before swirled out of the dancing crowd and collapsed onto a stool next to him. Her skirt was almost as short as Misao's, her boots looked more at home in a gothic store, lacing all the way up to her knees. She flushed when she saw him, crossing her arms across her chest, which didn't do much to hide her black sports bra and fishnet ensemble.

"...strawberry daiquiri." Without the noise, Aoshi thought that the voice seemed rather familiar. But he shook it off, drinking the rest of his beer as she happily consumed the red drink.

"...You going to dance?" She finally asked him, placing her empty glass next to his empty bottle. Aoshi raised an eyebrow, as if to ask 'Do I look to be the dancing type?'. He could, it was just a matter of it he would. She grinned, brushing a handful of dark brown bangs out of her blue eyes, "Come on." And up she stood, holding out one hand. When he didn't move to take her hand, she reached forward and grabbed his, tugging upward insistently.

"And if I don't want to dance?" He asked, evenly, but he was almost smiling. The club atmosphere was conducive to dancing, as was the girl in front of him. Though he liked his friends (or to be friends) to wear more clothes... he couldn't protest too much.

"Then you'll just be lonely," She replied, rolling her shoulders and letting go of his hand. She moved to the edge of the dance floor, so she could grin at him while dancing. Casually bumping against other dancers, moving to the strong bass beat. Aoshi watched, before heaving himself upward and deliberately stalked towards her. He was far more content to watch usually, but he salved his mental debate by saying she was challenging him with that smile. Saying he couldn't dance.

Aoshi stood next to her, almost reluctantly, watching her move. Finally, right at the end of the song, he stood behind her. A hand on her hip, catching the beat and moving with it. She looked up at him, head bumping against his chest.

“Got tired of being lonely?”

I know its a lot shorter than the other one ._.;; sorry.
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