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Name:Aoshi and Soujirou Forever
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Hello! I am your lovely mod, rocknlobster.This is a community for fans of the Aoshi/Soujirou pairing. I searched and searched, but could not find one, so I made one myself.
Afterthought: Aoshi/Soujirou is the main pairing here, but I also support wholeheartedly other alternate pairings for Aoshi or Soujirou that do not have their own communities. Especially Soujirou/Misao, because that pairing fascinates me.
Also, I sort every entry with useful stuff on it into the Memories section. So don't worry about flipping back or anything if you're new; just go there and flip around. It's a lot easier, trust me. ^^


1) As far as what to post, I encourage people to post:
++icons, banners, art of any sort (*See number 5.)
++fanfics, beta requests, links to fanfics, etc.
++questions, discussions, general interest, etc.
2) I will NOT tolerate insults or negative comments of a personal nature. Anyone revealing their immaturity by doing so will be put on the probations list found at the bottom of this userinfo. After a week without further offense, the user will be removed from the probations list and we'll all continue on our merry way. If I find my nice and forgiving nature abused, I will take appropriate action. Trolls will be banned.
3) I would appreciate it if posts could remain on-topic, and by that I mean Aoshi/Soujirou. However. I do not object to posts about alternate Soujirou or Aoshi pairings, as long as they do not have an outlet elsewhere. I don't want to steal aoshi_misao's thunder, for example. But please try to work A/S somewhere into it. ^^ As far as comments, I don't care how offtopic they are, as long as they remain uninsulting and the original thread is on-topic. But if several users keep adding to a very long off-topic thread, I may ask them to continue on their journal. I doubt any of this will happen, though. Just laying the ground rules.
4) So far, posting in this community is available to any member, and is unmodified. If I feel that I should start moderating posts, I will post an entry informing members.
5) *I would prefer it if people posted original art. Unoriginal art (that is, art from websites, or official art) can be posted, but only if the link to the picture and site you got it from is posted, as opposed to the picture itself. No hotlinking to unoriginal art. If an artist complains that their art is being abused by this community, I will delete the abusing posts, and put the user who abused the art on probation for a week. Even if the abuse was unintentional, being put on probation should serve to keep said user on their toes.
6) Lj-cuts. Please, please lj-cut the following:
++Anything citrus, with a warning!
++Any fics over one page in Word
++Cut after the first banner
++Cut after the first 3-4 icons
7) I plan to have various contests here as soon as I feel there are enough members, so invite as many people as you know that like Rurouni Kenshin. Even if they aren't sure about the pairing, they may be interested by our discussion of it.

Links In

I'll post a few more smaller ones in the near future.

Please upload to your own server.

Links Out
Rurouni Kenshin:
Arctic Nightfall: Kenshin
The Aoshi Shrine, Pin the Bow on Aoshi, Sakura in the Springtime
Tenken Gallery, Tenken no Soujiro: a Seta Soujirou Shrine, Perpetual Smiles

This section is very empty. ;_; Post many links to fill, please!

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rk_fans, rurouni_fic, rurounisues
rk_icons, rk_awards

Note: None of these communities were consulted about being added to this list. If any community mods wish to be removed or added, get in touch with me and I will respond ASAP.

Contact Information

I can be contacted via the e-mail above, the AIM above, or you can post on my personal journal. Sorry, no Yahoo or any other alternate messenger.

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